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Earth Charm Spell

Carry this charm with you if you have troubles with negative energy, unstable situations, nasty people and shielding yourself from others.

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If you are in a situation with gossip, nasty coworkers and unfriendly people this charm of earth will help too. A lot of competition surrounding your lover? Exes try to lure your lover back? Then take a picture of the both of you, and keep all at bay.


•    Blessing oil
•    Evil be Gone powder

•    Nature colored fabric
•    Soil, dry
•    Brown ribbon, tread
•    A picture

Take the picture of you, or the one you need to protect. Write your/ the name(s) on the back of the picture, dress with the oil and fold closed, towards you. Visualize all negativity move away from the person on the picture.

Take the fabric, place the folded picture into it, and tie it up with some of the powder and fresh, rich soil. Firmly tie this so no earth can escape.

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