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Cast off Evil Spell

A Basic spell to banish people out of your life, during waning moon.

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•    Fiery Wall oil
•    Evil be Gone powder
•    Black candle
•    Black pouch or cloth
•    A small white paper and black pen
•    A fireproof dish
•    White string
•    1 small bell

Anoint the candle with the oil, light the candle.
Write down the name of the person you want to banish on the paper, visualizing an open door.

Visualize them walking through it (and away from you). Shut the door behind them and lock it. Drop some powder on the paper.

Hold the paper in the flame and say this three times:

"With this flame,
I burn […name …] from my life,
and harm it none, so mote it be."

Burn out the paper in the dish while visualizing the departure of the person. Burn the candle to the whole. Wrap the candle wax and the ashes in the white cloth and tie shut with the string.

Tie the bell at the end of the string. This will help purify the air when it rings, making sure that no harm comes to the person you wish to .

You can now dispose of your wrapping. Bury the package far away from your house, or you can throw it into a river or the ocean. You can also burn it in a bonfire, but be sure to discard the ashes away from you anyway.

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