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Follow Me Wash
Follow Me Wash

This strong lovers oil is used by strong people to attract, dominate and hold a lover.

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This recipe is used for attracting a nice, loyal and faithful lover. A gentle person who is attracted to you and will go to great lengths to give you the stars of the world. For all girls and guys who seek a a lover who has you as a sole thing on his or her mind. Used by strong people to attract, dominate and hold a lover.

Dig a hole in the ground in your backyard, few inches deep. Bury some hair, or things like that, from your lover in the hole with the words: “follow me”. Say it with a strong voice. Cover the hole with soil, stand on it and visualize your lover following you. Repeat the words a few times. Walk to your house, dropping an unequal amount of drops in your footsteps, while repeating the words” follow me”. Enter your house and don’t look back.

Add a teaspoon of the wash to a neutral liquid soap. Read more on the use of soap in this manual.

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