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Money Bundle Spell

This spell is done during the waxing moon, and is used to set up a wish and let your money grow.

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You will need the following items for this spell:

•    Money Honey oil
•    Magnet powder
•    Green candle
•    1 green pouch or fabric
•    Any items that represent your wish

Gather all your items in one place. When you are ready, anoint your candle with the oil and light.

Center your thoughts and focus on your mind completely upon your intent. Concentrate on your wish as clearly as possible.

Place your items one at a time within the pouch, and with every item you repeat the chant:

"This (…item) will bring to life
My wish for (… what the item represents)."


Once all items are in your pouch, add some of the powder, close it completely and say:

"With this ribbon I do bind,
That it may my heart's wish find."


Place your pouch somewhere safe. Do not touch it or open it until your wish has come true.

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