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Money Jar Spell

This spell ensures that you always have the necessities of life, such as somewhere to stay and enough to eat.

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This is an ongoing spell, which you start at a new moon or during a waxing moon, and is a modern-day adaptation of an ancient formula.

You will need the following items for this spell:

•    Money Honey oil
•    Fortune powder
•    A few coins
•    Small glass container
•    White rice, white sugar
•    Safety pin, open

Fill the container with a mixture of the oil, powder, sugar, the coins and rice. Place the open safety pin in the center of the mixture, and close the lit. Put the container in the open air where you can easily see it.

Occasionally give the bowl a shake to reinvigorate the energies. Though this spell has no particular time frame, the more confident you become in your own abilities the quicker it will work. Shaking the container also keeps the energies fresh.


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