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Queen Bee Talisman Spell

This talisman is used to attract money, prosperity, wealth and all the things that make your life a bit more enjoyable!

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Always carry the Talisman with you so that happiness knows where to flow to. This is a very simple money spell. The spell is done during a waxing moon. Wear this talisman in your purse or wallet at all times.


•        Yellow candle
•        Attraction powder
•        Money Honey oil
•        Green fabric
•        A money billet, for example 5 dollars, euro’s or pounds

Carve your currency sign in the candle. Dress the candle with the oil and light it. Rub the bill with the powder and say:

 “Money signs to my life
As I preform this sacred rite
With this fire
Bing me the money
I do so desire”

Place the billet with an additional amount of powder in the fabric and tie it firmly. Feed the pouch by dropping a little oil on the pouch. Do this during the full moon or on a Thursday during a waxing moon.


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