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Shield Stone Spell

Carry this charm with you if you have troubles with negative energy, unstable situations, nasty people and shielding yourself from others.

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•    Uncrossing
•    Evil be Gone powder
•    White candle
•    Black pouch or cloth
•    Small stone or gemstone

Anoint the candle with the oil and light. Take the stone, keep it to your heart and ask the stone to protect you at all times.

Drop some powder on the stone and start rubbing it. Envision how you rub all negative energy out of your life. Then drop some of the oil on the stone and say:

“This stone is my protection charm,
to ward off any evil done,
and keep me safe from any harm”

Place the stone in the pouch, close tight and carry to you at all times. Let the candle burn to its end. To charge the stone: place in the light of the full moon, and repeat this spell the day after.

Carry a little of the oil when leaving the house. This will enhance your protective energy.

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