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Stop Gossip Spell

This spell utilizes representational magick and is a way to stop malicious gossip.

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You need to do this spell by candlelight only, and on a waning moon.


•    Shut Up oil
•    Reversing powder
•    Black candle

•    Black cloth or pouch
•    Pen and paper

Turn off the lights, dress the candle with the oil and light it.

Use a pen to draw a face on the paper. Try to make it somewhat resemble the person but you don't have to be an artist. Write their name under the face.

Then use the pen to draw XXX over the drawn mouth. Just move from the right to the left of the mouth, and with every X you say these words:

“Mouth be closed, do not speak
No more trouble will you reap”

Burn the paper in the fire of the flame and place in your pouch. Add a little of the powder into the pouch too. Then drip (carefully!!!) some of the warm wax of the candle too. Close the pouch with 3 knots. Let the candle burn fully.

Keep with you till the gossip has stopped and then bury away, far from your house.
The intention of this spell is to be directed at one person, but you could do a more general one with no name to help keep gossip away.

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