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Hoodoo Love
Talisman Charm Stay with Me

This talisman is specially designed to win someone's love or to draw a lover closer. This charm can be used to carry close to you, to keep in the bedroom, place near a burning love candle or use in sp

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This Stay with Me talisman has been made to keep your lover from straying. Need a faithful man or woman, a steady and secure relationship with somebody who only lay eyes on you. For a long lasting, faithful love you can always count on. The Stay with Me talisman can be used to persuade your lover to return home and stay at home.

Meditate with the talisman and see a glow of wonderful attraction surrounding you when you envision your lover walking to you. Carry the talisman with you in your purse or pockets to be secret, or out in the open when not.

The talisman is filled with loving herbs, powders and oils to keep your mojo running for quite some time. Love for the other, and love for yourself!

Receive a full bottle of feeding oil for your talisman! Drop a little oil on the fabric of your charm, you don't need to open the talisman. Feel yourself surrounded by the divine, loving scent!

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