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Sirene Seduction Spell

Use this spell to attract a love of a known or unknown person.

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Use this spell to attract a love of a known or unknown person. Perform the spell on a Friday on a waxing moon.


Carve the name of your lover in the candle with a hot needle. If the spell is about attracting a yet not known lover, carve a question mark. Anoint the candle with the oil, take the mirror and say:

"Darling won't you come and play
With my heart, and won't you stay?
I'm your love, and don't you see
How happy that us two could be
For near and far I attract them all
Short and fast, or lean and tall
Man and woman of every race
Of every leaning, every face
Overcome with willful desire
Only I can quench their fire
Now with the sirens' chiming song
Bring my admirers, never gone"

Look in the mirror while reciting the words. See your lover in the mirror, watching you with love. Or imagine your ideal lover in the mirror. Do this for some time.

If you feel you are ready, take some powder, point your opened mirror to the north, blow a little powder in this direction. Do the same for the east, the south and the west too.

Close the mirror, snuff the candle and repeat if necessary.

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