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Wishing Well Spell

This spell is done during the waxing moon, and helps you to make your wishes come through.

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You can either make 6 different wishes, one for each candle, or use all the candles for the same wish.

•    Come to Me oil
•    Lodestone powder
•    Yellow candle, 3 sets of 2
•    Green fabric
•    6 coins
•    Bowl of water
•    Lighter

Take your bowl and fill with water. Drip a few drops of the powder in the bowl. Anoint the first candle with the oil while envisioning your wish.  Anoint the first coin with the powder, throw in the water and say your wish out loud. Let the candle burn full. Save the candle remains in the fabric.

For the following 5 mornings, each morning, anoint and light one candle, anoint the next coin with the powder and throw in the bowl, while saying your wish out loud. Let the candles burn out full and save the remains in the pouch.

On the seventh morning, remove the coins from the bowl, place them along with the remains of the wax in the pouch and burn the whole package in rich soil (houseplants will do ) or throw it into moving water so that your message of need will be carried through the earth or the water.

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