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A banishing is designed to send people, situations and energy away and prevent their return. To banish something means sending away or sending away a place or situation. In the earthly world, a banishing implies that someone who has been banned may never return or no longer be welcome, but the magick banishing is different.

Banishing Rituals

A banishing is often performed at the beginning of a ritual to remove the workplace from negative or unwanted energy or entities. This involves sending away magick or unbalanced energy to prevent it being present during a ritual. Most magickal traditions prescribe a banishing ritual in advance, with any spellwork or magick of any kind.

A banishing can also be executed at the end of a ritual to ban all entities called or evoked upon during the ritual. Or to remove the energy generated during the ritual, to return yourself and the space back to the earthly world. You do not want your roommates to sit in the energy of your love ritual all night.

A banishing can be performed on space, users or both. The lesser banishing of the pentagram is a well known banishing ritual. The lesser banishing of the pentagram is used to prepare both space and the user to focus their mind and energy on ritual, creating a magickal atmosphere and a changed state of consciousness.

You can also ban the invoked magick energy and entities when their presence is no longer necessary at the end of a ritual. Although the word 'send away' is mostly used. The elemental quarters, invoked at the beginning of the ritual are again "banished" at the end of the ritual.

Banishing Spells

Banishing spells are designed to send away anything that the magick user sees as a threat or nuisance. A person, an obstacle, a debt, a disease, an addiction, a bad habit, etc.
  • A banishing can be carried out on a home, sending away unwanted energies and attendance, displeasure, stress, etc.
  • A banishing can be performed on a person to send away an addiction, negative energy or influence that another person has on him or her.
  • Banishing is also performed on items to get rid of the connection with previous owners. Or to remove and recharge the energy for a new purpose or goal.
  • The term cleansing refers to a banishing that is done to remove unwanted energies from a person, location, or object. The term exorcism is used to describe a banishing for an unwanted entity.

Performing a banishing spell

Although banishing spells can be performed at any time, they are most effective when executed during the waning phase of the moon. Saturday is a good day for general banishing spells. The best time during is dark moon, but before the first phase of new moon appears. Some say to do your magick, like casting a circle, widdershins (counterclockwise). You want to dispel the energy. Others say that you continue to work deosil (clockwise) at all times. I work with constructive energy like casting a circle and invocations always deosil, and widdershins when sending away the circle and the magick energy.

For many banishing spells an object is chosen to represent the person, the intention, the object or the situation. This item is then magickally loaded to represent your magick goal. In other words, you send the unwanted energy symbolic away. Streaming water, such as a river, a sewage drain or even a toilet are often used in this way. When banishing a spirit or unwanted energy, heavier measures are often used, such as washing or fumigation (cleaning with smoke, not to be confused with smudging).

Banishing herbs

Angelica • Anise • Bay Laurel • Cyclamen • Devil's Claw • Garlic • Heliotrope • Mistletoe • Nettle • Pine • Rosemary • Stinging nettle • Thyme • Wormwood

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