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Are you in a fight with someone or has someone cast a curse or jinx on you? Or has someone directed the evil eye to you which makes your life into a living hell?

Find here all spells to cleanse yourself and your loved ones and protect them against all forms of evil evil and wrongdoings.


Mirror Banishing Spell
€ 10,30 per unit
Reflect Away Harm Spell
€ 14,30 per unit
Reverse a Curse Spell
€ 6,40 per unit
Cast off Evil Spell
€ 10,30 per unit
Stop Gossip Spell
€ 10,30 per unit
Shield Stone Spell
€ 10,30 per unit
Earth Charm Spell
€ 6,40 per unit

You can use all spells and rituals for free. Its also possible to order all the spell articles at once.
Click the order button by the spell and find all the articles in your order basket!

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