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bountiful hoodoo supplies
Bountiful Wash

Bountiful is a strong helper in a life of prosperity, wealth, and happiness.

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With the harvest festivals of Litha and Lughnasadh in mind, all oils and herbs have been selected to attract an energy of prosperity and well-being.

Bountiful can also be used for cleaning and purifying your home or business against evil, envy, jinxes, witchcraft spells and hexes. Bountiful is a perfect aid in promoting abundance, luck, love, and health.

Bountiful is very nice and gentle for your skin, brewed with genuine herbs, no animal parts are used. Every piece of oil in this store is hand made with 100% organic ingredients. You can use the oil on the skin, add some to bathing and washing water or clean your altar with before use.  Bountiful is organic and is not fit for ingestion. A great use is adding some of the perfume to your cleansing water for the house.

Add a teaspoon of the wash to a neutral liquid soap. Read more on the use of soap in this manual.

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