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Candle magick is one of the simplest forms of magick. Working with candle magick does not require a fancy ritual, and you do not work with expensive materials. If you have a candle, you can do a spell. Think of your childhood, who did not make a wish when blowing out the candles! Candle magick works according to exactly the same principle.

Just like your birthday wish, your candle magick consists of the same three steps:
  •  Consider your wish
  •  Visualize the outcome
  •  Focus your intention for a good outcome

What kind of candles do you use?

Most witches and folk magicians consider that the size of the candle is not really important. In fact, large candles can be counterproductive - a candle that goes on for a long time to burn completely can cost you your concentration. Especially if the spell requires that your spell is only finished after the complete burning of the candle. A simple dinner candle is sufficient. Of course there are special magic candles, but a simple white candle always works fine!

Always use a brand new candle! We assume that when a candle has burned before it has already absorbed the vibrations of the environment. Do not use this for a new spell with a different intention!

It is always good to have candles in stock, in different colors. Here you will find some known color correspondence:
  •      Red: Courage, health, love and lust.
  •     Pink: Friendship and gentle love.
  •     Orange: Attract and stimulate.
  •     Gold: Financial advantage, business opportunities, sun energy.
  •     Yellow: Persuade and protect.
  •     Green: Money, Fertility and Abundance.
  •     Light Blue: Health, Patience and Understanding.
  •     Dark Blue: Depression and vulnerability.
  •     Purple: Ambition and Power.
  •     Brown: Work with earth and animals.
  •     Black: Negativity and banishing.
  •     White: Purification and truth.
  •     Silver: Reflection, intuition and the energy of the moon.

Within the Folk Magick, a white candle is usually seen as the basic candle that you can use for all types of magick.

Ritual use of your candle

After choosing a candle it is customary to anoint your candle with magick oil. This strengthens the energy between your and the candle. In other words, you load the candle with your own energy and personal vibration and project your desire in the candle before burning her. It is customary to use a matching and reinforcing magick oil.

This is how you anoint your candle:
  • Start at the top of the candle and rub the oil down to the center, in a rotating motion.
  • Then start at the base of the candle and rub the oil in a rotating motion to the center and finish with your first layer of oil.

In some traditions anointing is done by starting from the middle of your candle.
  • First anoint from the center to the top (as above) and then from the center down (so below).
  • Do you also work with herbs and/ or powders? Roll your candle through the herbs and/ or powders after the anointing with the oil.

Is a candle magickal in itself? No, the flame of the candle makes the magick; The candle and her wax are the fuel for the fire. Basically, your candle is the means, the vehicle for creating the magick in the flame. The candle is seen as a tool, like your pentacle and your athame. It's your magic tool. Give your candle a basic cleaning before starting your work. You can do this by getting the candle through the smoke of incense.

The most basic form of candle magick uses a piece of colored paper that corresponds with the intention of your candle. Decide what you wish and write it on the paper. Write your wish as an already happened situation, as if it has already taken place. For example, you write: I'm happy, and not: I want to be happy. Magick is an energy that does not think for your, and knows what you actually meant. So be very specific in your wishes and intentions. "I want love in my life" can also end up finding a dog that loves you very much!

Money Spell

Suppose you want to cast a spell for more money. Then take a gold or green piece of paper, and a candle of the same color. As you write down your wish, you visualize that you have already achieved that goal. Think about the different ways your goal can manifest: a wage increase? Somebody owes you money? Also consider this well. Only asking for more money can also mean that you have to work a lot, which, of course, gives you money, but it takes time. Or you receive an inheritance, on this sad magic outcome you are often not waiting for ......

If your wish looks good on paper, fold the paper a couple of times. If you want to increase something, you fold towards yourself. If you want to decrease something, you will fold away from you. Concentrate on your goal while folding. Visualizing an intent is enough. But you can also say a spell if you like this.
Extra money come my way,
I could use a little cash today.
Extra money come to me,
As I will, so it shall be.

Now hold a corner of your paper in the fire and see the note catches the flames. Hold the paper for as long as possible in the flames, without burning your fingers. Then completely burn the paper on a fireproof plate. When your candle is completely burned place the ashes of your paper, the remaining wax of the candle and a copper-colored coin in a bag and bury it near your home. The reason you add a coin is that you make a small offer in this way. You are asking something from the universe, and you're giving back to the universe as well. Do not forget this!

 Candle magick for divination

You can also use your candle to do a divination on the outcome of your spell. You can divine on the flame of your candle, and divine on the wax itself.

To read the wax, drop a little of the melted wax into a bowl of cold water. While burning your candle further for your spell, you can do the divination. The wax becomes hard immediately and forms in the water. Use the shapes to get answers, just as you read tea leaves.

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