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Devil's Shoe String is a remarkable herb. This herbs is not as well known as many others in witchcraft.  With all magical practices there are local and regional variances in practices.

This herb is common in folk magic practice. These plant's belong to the honeysuckle family. In African American Folk Magic, the Viburnum variety is typically used. Devil’s Shoe Strings are used for protection from hexes. This herb is also used to prevent people from gossiping. This herb has the power to protect against negative energy.


It's all in the name


Devil’s Shoe String supposedly “trips” the Devil so he can’t get into the house. It is also used to attract luck when gambling and as an aid in securing employment. The secret to the use of Devils shoestring in hexes or hex breaking comes from the folk name itself. One is the word Devil. Any plant or root with the name Devil can be used to protect from hexes, hex people, and break hexes. The Devil was historically associated with hexes and curses as well as binding and tricking people. 


Use of the herb


The following qualities are attributed

  • In crease luck
  • Increase money
  • Trip up one's enemy
  • Protection
  • Placed in a mojo bag for protection from crossed conditions
  • Placed in a green bag to increase wealth


Working the herb


When it comes to magic and witchcraft.  It is important to remember that we do not use plants in the work we do. We work with them. They give something to us, we give something back to them. They are our partners and our allies. We give them attention, they give us protection etc. If we grow them we give them life and a home. They protect us in return. When we work with plants we are working with their spirits creating spiritual bonds and friendships.


The herb and the witch


It was believed that witches made a pact with Satan, and many plants and herbs were considered evil, especially if they had a name associated with the Devil. There are plants believed to bring about evil or bad luck, especially if they are planted near the home or bloom out of season. There are certain plants with the name of the Devil, and the using of these plants magically and medicinally by witches, most of whom were healers, automatically linked them with the Prince of Darkness. 


Two faces of the herb


As with most situations in magic, Devil’s Shoe String has both sides of the story. As the herb protects against malicious magic, the Devil’s Shoe String causes some trouble itself too. It is said that you can control any person with Devil's Shoe String. "Nobody can resist the Devil's Shoe String," Cut the root up into small pieces. Then put camphor or whiskey on it and rub it between the palms of your hands. You will then have the power to dominate any person you come across. It is also said that the mixture is good for subduing an enemy. Dress the inside and backs of your hands with Devil’s Shoe String oil. Then if you grab your enemy by the arm he will be blinded.


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