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What you will learn in this blog:

•    The nature of the Law of Tree
•    How to determine a magick appropriate situation
•    A little history on hoodoo
•    My personal experience
•    Tips and tricks
•    The Tree of Magick
•    Exceptions to the rules

Law of Tree

Ah, tree of magick, that must be a blog on the Law of Tree! Not even close! I am not a fan at all of the Law of Tree. The main reason is that this implies that magick is some sort of entity with a brain, who thinks for you. You did some kind of magick, it’s calculated by “Magick”, the outcome is that you receive the magick energy back, threefold. Just like that…..

There is a lot of nuance to ad to this mixture. Magick has no color, you are the one that colors your magick with intent. When you use a breakup spell to drive a boy and girl away from each other, is that black magick period? It depends on your intent. Is the girl your best friend, badly abused by her boyfriend? Or do you fancy a boy who is luckily married and has two kids? Maybe you can’t get rid of a bad habit?

Determination of the situation

Thus, you decide to use the breakup spell for your abused friend. This seems right for all the good reasons. But maybe she has to learn a lesson, maybe to set boundaries for herself. So you magickally break them up and within months she has a new boyfriend who abuses her too. She never learned her lesson, and has to go all over it again. So in the last situation, what would the “Law of Three” do to you? Magick has no color, it’s working the scale of life and try to oversee all consequences and to be really true to yourself about your intent.

Magick has no color, just as all in life. Life is about shades of all color and so is magick. Just as personalities are. A witch who does all the love and light so called white magick, is not for sure the more decent witch. Think about the example of the abused girlfriend. How “white” the magick was intended, the outcome became rather ‘black”. 

Dividing magick in black and white is pretty much a Christian way of thinking, deeply impeded in society. Still. Good and bad, black and white, right and wrong, everything has a label without any shading of color. Be really careful before you put a label on magick, people or intent. My preference is to decide what your own personal ethics are, list them, what would you do for magick and where lies your personal boundaries.

A little history

Spoken from my background, witchcraft and hoodoo, there is a significant history to consider. Magick practices moved with the slave ships to the Western world. Complete tribes and generations ended up in slave plantations. Where cultures where blended with indigenous folk, so magick blended together too. Try to imagine the situation many lived in, with the only defense came from the herbs in the cupboard. And where magick could be the difference between life and death. Then magick has different pillars then the generations in Europe who where deprived by church from magick at all.  Ancestors and history are important pillars underneath every spell or magick work you perform.

Personal experience

In my personal experience, especially when you start working magick, you can work quite some magick, seeming without any consequences. You can practice, find your flow, and make some mistakes. Magick is an art, and the more you practice, the better you become. Looking back I have cursed, bind, jinxed and attracted whatever I pleased in that time. I felt like a witch in a magick cookie store. One day I decided to get rid of my competition during a job application procedure.

The moment I finished my ritual I felt the energy as a large fist nocking me down. We call this a backlash. You can’t miss it, the moment this happed. I lost my best friend, ended up in a terrible job, my house start falling apart, and I immediately knew: I have gone way to far in my magick. Was this the Law of Three? Personally it did not feel like it. Karma thought me a big lesson. For more then a year I did not perform any magick. And even till this day I think twice before I do.   

Tips and tricks

So can’t you do magick safely at all? Yes, for sure! There are some tips and tricks, some sideways to dodge a lot of nasty outcomes!
  • Do a reading in advance. With the basic question: should I perform magick and if so, how to proceed. You can use something simple as a ring tied on rope. Decide your yes and no answers. Ask questions: if I do this, will the outcome be okay? Be honest, and listen carefully to the answers.
  • End your spells with: if harm none, so mote it be. Maybe the outcome will not be something to your liking, but you are sure you have followed an ethically decent path.
  • Accept the consequences. If you so badly want the job that you get rid of the competition and don’t mind loosing your best friend, then absolutely go for it. I can’t judge you as a person, as a witch, for your ethics and what things are worth to you.
  • Be really specific in your outcome. As you see most of my spells are about visualizing the outcome as if it already had happened. See yourself working in a great place, instead of visualizing the competition gone. The outcome might b the same, or you find another job that is even better looking back at the situation.
  • Adding to that, focus on yourself, and what you want, do not think of side effects, or people who are just bystanders in your magick. The more focused and the less side situations in your spell, the more pure the outcome will be.
  • Don’t use words as “no, don’t, perhaps” and the like. Remember, magick is not a person, and has no vocabulary. It is energy you taint with color. If you say” I want a boyfriend who doesn’t cheat” then the words “ I boyfriend and cheat” will stick”. When you say “I have a faithful man”  you set a totally different, positive intention. Like it already happened. Focus on what you want, not on what you do not want.
  • Be firm in your intent. If you do not trust in yourself, your magick, thus intent will not be trusted as well.  This is why some starting practitioners have astonishing outcomes. Not because of experience, but because they set strong intentions. Compare it to this: when I wake up in the morning, and think the day will be miserable,  you can imagine how my day will become with setting an intention like this.

Tree of magick

So after reading the above, setting your intention, doing some divination, and gather your spell supplies you are ready to set the magick off. You do a great spell, all works out fine. You snuff the last candle. And then what? How do you know if your magick is working? When do you do some more magick? Let it go or do a new spell? When do you let it pass, or do you add some more magick to the fuel?

Basically when universe says 'no' there is hardly/ or not any possibility to work magick. It’s better not to fight karma with magick. Usually we keep a 'three range' for spellwork to prevent you from endlessly doing magick on the same subject:
  1. Within 3 days you should see small signs around you, like dreams, small lucks, unexpected little things that work for you.
  2. Within 3 weeks you should see more significant signs that your situation is changing, like your  partner is noticeably different in his behavior, the situation is  heading towards a good end and all the like in signs.
  3. After 3 months your spellwork should have done its job and you are ready to dispose the remains like candle wax, oils etc. into fire or bury it.

If after 3 months your spellwork is not giving any results then you can safely assume that this is not meant to be.

This is a time range you can follow safely, although it’s not set on the hour. It prevents you though from useless working magick and hoping for good outcomes, and gives you a time frame too to measure where your spellwork should be at, after performing it.  

So magickally speaking, you can strengthen your magic work with oils, powders, candles and all the like, to create a most fruitful outcome to work on, but also to focus your own intention. Magick spells and items are one half of the work, your intention is the other half.....

Exceptions to the ‘rules”

Are there exceptions to the tree of magick? Yes, this is called steady work. This is when you deliberately add ‘fire to the fuel”. Examples are money work, where you make a jar or altar you keep feeding for money, prosperity of your business. Many spiritual business owners have an altar which they keep feeding for a steady income.

Protection and cleansings are typically magick activities you keep on going. The more you feed this magick, the stronger it gets. In hoodoo history woman made a mojo called “nation sack” to which they add symbols of their marriage, but also hair, nails and the like from their husband to keep their marriage strong and fruitful.

So that is the last step you need to consider before choosing your spell and do the work. Do you want the change the situation one time,  or do you want to feed a specific situation to make it stronger, or keep things out of the way indefinite without any possibility to return?

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