Chia, super magic

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Chia, super magic

Chia seed is the seed from a species of Sage. It is popular along the Mexican border, where she is used to grow. Chia seed is generally known as a super food in the kitchen, but little people know what a power Chia seed is in magic.

An old, hoodoo formula of sachet powder against malicious gossip uses one part slippery elm bark (Ulmus rubra), one part cloves (Syzygium aromaticum), and one part chia (Salvia hispanica) all ground up into a powder and then mixed with one part alum powder (hydrated aluminum potassium sulfate).


Since this is a working for protection, the person will keep the sachet powder tied in a piece of cloth with string. In the case of gossip at the office, this powder can be discretely sprinkled around the office floor.


Another old use is to carve the gossiper’s full Name seven times on a white seven knob candle, dress the candle with Back off Bully Oil, Stop Gossip Oil and Fiery Wall oil, roll the oily candle in a tray of Chia seeds, let it stand in the tray with the rest of the Chia seeds, and burn one knob each day for a week, beginning on a Saturday during a waxing moon. The troublesome person should stop back-biting by week’s end.



A great Chia seed defense:


* Carve the gossiper’s name on al the 7 white candles.

* Dress all the candles with Stop Gossip Oil, Back off Bully oil and Fiery Wall Oil.

* Put the white candles on a layer of Chia seeds, preferably in a glass oven dish.

* Start on a Saturday on a waning moon, and burn one candle for each day, for a week.

* It is believed that this will make the troublesome person stop back-biting by the time the week ends.

* Dispose of the remnants by burning or tossing into running water.




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