Cleopatra Red Velvet Salt

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Cleopatra was by far one of the most famous woman of history. Well-known for her outstanding beauty and fine political skills she managed to catch the even more famous Julius Caesar and Marcus Anthony, preventing her Greek Egypt Ptolemy ancestry from obscurity into the dust. She was the last divine Pharaoh of Egypt. Many recipes are inspired by her ravishing seductive beauty and charm.

A suggestion is writing a beloveds name on seven squares of parchment, which can be placed beneath lit candles. Anoint candles and parchment with Cleopatra Red Velvet Salt. The Salt can be used to bring back a runaway lover in the same way she is supposed to have recaptured the attentions of Mark Anthony after he returned to his wife in Rome.

Cleopatra Red Velvet Salt is my personal recipe. You find all the lovely oils like rose and jasmine, and also has a spicy Egypt touch of fennel and palmarosa. And ofcourse a little something more, but that stays a secret! This is a real treat for yourself and for your (returning) lover.

All salts in this store have double properties. The salt absorbs the negative or unwanted energies while the herbs and oils spreads the energy you like to attract. We call this double action magic. While magic powders have a dry correspondence, the magic salts have a little wet property. The reason for this is that water as an element also has absorbing qualities. This quality is kept to give the salts extra power for your magical outcomes.

You can use the magic salts in the same way as you use magical powders. You can blow them into the direction of your enemies, place them on little plates in the corners of your house, put a little in clothing like pockets or in shoes, place them on your altar or use them as ingredients of your personally made mojo bags or magical pouches. Sprinkling on doorsteps is also seen in salt magic, to keep all evil out and attract the good into the house.

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