Wealth Obstacles

This spell is done when obstacles stand in the way between you and a happy life full of prosperity and abundance. The spell is also used to attract money, work and prosperity. The spell is best cast during a waxing moon.


You will need the following items for this spell:


Dress the candle with the perfume and light with the wooden match. Use the candle and drop 13 drops of the wax onto your picture and the money billet. Make sure you put a lot of energy while dropping wax on.

Make sure while your dropping, you’re focusing your energy on removing all the problems in your financial and luck situation.  Stick the two pictures together, face to face to symbolize everything getting better between you and the wealthy life of luck you pursue. Chant:


“So transfer my will,

My spell has been heard,

As I will, so mote it be”


Let the candle burn out to the full, just throw away the wax remains. That same day, give the stuck together papers to nature. Bury them, or put them in any body of water outside like a river, a lake or the ocean.

And the necessities for the spell? You find them handy together under the spell.


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