Wish Knot


Wish Knot For Making A Wish Come True

This Wish Knot is made during a waxing moon, preferably at the beginning of this moon phase.



Name your wish out loud. Anoint your hands slightly with the oil. Take the nine pieces of cord. Place them on a table and tie a knot with all the beginning of all seven cords, so you have a bundle of seven cords. Now make a loose knot by every sentence of the spell, and say it with increasing intensity:


By the knot of one, the spell's begun,

By the knot of two, this dream come true.

By the knot of three, the power's in me,

By the knot of four, I make it more.

By the knot of five, the spell's alive,

By the knot of six, my fate's not fixed.

By the knot of seven, my cause is leaven,

By the knot of eight, my aim is straight.

By the knot of nine, the wish is mine.


Drop a little of the perfume on your Wish Knot. Now toss your knotted cords into the air and spiral round clockwise, waving them while chanting the final chant,


“My power renewed

The dream is true

The wish is free

So shall it be”


Gradually, slow down and reduce your chant to a whisper until you are quite still. For the next nine mornings, each morning untie one of your knots as you repeat the final chant. At the ninth morning, bury the untied cords in the earth near your house.

And the necessities? You find them under this spell, handy together!


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