Manual Smoke

The basis for the use of both incense as waxes is the same:

Take an oil burner. Place the incense or wax in the dish. No oil and no water. Ignite the waxine and enjoy the delicious smell that comes free.

This way of working has great advantages. The smell of incense or the wax is evenly released. This makes it possible to get acquainted with the various layers in which a fragrance is built. Although there no smoke vapor is present there will indeed be magic energy. You can use it to bless or cleaning objects or spaces.

Disadvantage: You burner spread no smoke while some find the smoke very pleasant to bless and cleanse.

You can also burn incense in the traditional way. (not for waxes). Place a fireproof dish of stone or copper. Sprinkle a layer of dry sand or bird sand on the bottom of your dish.

Place an incense charcoal on the sand. You can obtain these charcoals really easy online . Hold a long lighter to the charcoal and light it. After a few minutes you will see how there are small sparks arise in your charcoal. Blow gently to speed up the process.

Put a little incense on your charcoal. You need very little for a good smell. You will see that the incense is smoking on the coal. You can clean your house and bless objects by walking through the house with your incense dish.  

Disadvantage: there is much extra fragrant smoke through the charcoal. The smoke can be experienced as very unpleasant.

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