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Hex Breaker Hoodoo Oil
Hex Breaker Perfume

This perfume contains range of herbs, roots, powders and oils to protect you against all kinds of evil, wrong doings and jinxes in life.

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If you need a perfume to quickly and effectively reverse black magick this is what you’re looking for! For your rituals and root work that calls for unbreaking hexes, spells and reversing work. Whenever you feel the need to reverse a spell or break a spell this is an acceptable “goto” blend. Made with intent to cease & desist all hexes… Make sure you properly dispose all candles and items used with this perfume according to hoodoo tradition.

This perfume can also be used as an emergency “undo“ if you feel like you have done the wrong magick on someone, or if there is a spell that is going wrong and having a negative effect. It doesn’t have to be used only for black magick. This is basically a big fat eraser for any magick that was done to the target. Do you spell again, starting at your last step, working your way back to the first step. Use the perfume during every step by either anointing your used items, or the candle remains you have worked with.

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