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There are different terms for defending against negativity and magick. Most are in English, simply because they sometimes covers the subject better than in Dutch. Or because the translation can sound a bit of a sore. Also in the store and in the courses and classes we usually keep the traditional names.

Here you will find a small overview of known terms, names and differences in defense:
  • Cast Off Evil: Used to get rid of bad habits and annoying people. Often these are people you know.
  • Run Devil Run: sends very annoying people and energy far away.
  • Uncrossing: These articles you use to remove curses, hexen, bad luck and jinxes.
  • Banishings: Let you get rid of people, situations or energy in general. It may also involve unknown people.
  • Reversals: You use to reverse a situation.
  • Jinx Removers: Used to remove curses, hexen, jinxes and all kinds of bad things.
  • Revenges: Get back, Get even.

Hexen, curses, jinxes, what's the difference?

Interestingly, the term "curse" was not a well-known name within traditional magick communities. It is suspected that this terminology has been taken from European traditions. Within Hoodoo (African American Folk Magick) words like Crossing, Evil Eye and Jinxes are much more common. This probably also explains that in the Netherlands we know the word curse, but do not use any other terms. In history, 'we' moved to the new country and took our magical vocabulary with us. There was no new vocabulary returned to here.

Today these words are mixed and matched. One can speak of curses, jinxes and crossing, and refer to the same. However, this is not entirely true. There is a magick difference, just like the difference between a talisman (attract energy) and an amulet (dispels energy). If you read about a talisman who dispells negative energy then you already that the person does not have a clue ......

Here's a small list of different words and meanings. Of course the explanation is arbitrary. These are the terms we use on our website.

  • Hex = is bound to a physical object. Probably comes from the Pennsylvania German word for hexe. Think of a witch bottle for negative purposes. The hex is seen as hot magic that causes great inconvenience.
  • Curse = is not bound to a physical object, but is verbal and sometimes written. Think of spitting on the ground. This is the opposite of a blessing ("blessed be"). A curse can take a lifetime.
  •  Jinx = a negative spell or charm. Consider placing powders, salts and the like. Jinxes you often see in 'foottrack magic'. Although negative energy is negative energy, a jinx is often experienced as less disruptive.
  • Crossing = This is the situation in itself. It is said that someone has “crossed conditions”. This means that the above has been performed on the person. It is seen as being conscious or unconsciously messing up someone's life.
  • Throwing = to throw or throwing energy and / or magic to someone. Usually there is no positive meaning or intention in the act of throwing.
  • Evil Eye = giving negative looks to somebody. A moody teen is a typical form of unconscious evil eye.

As you can see, there are quite a few different terminologies, each of which has its own gravity and consequences. And these are just the meanings we use at Wendy Roses Brews. So, we cannot say often enough, "do not let yourself get talked into a curse" !. Someone must have at least the above knowledge and experience, whether or not from their own magick tradition. And to be able to distinguish the different magickal expressions, and have the ability to perform these in the magick / ritual field!

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