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Before you read further I advise you to read the operating instructions of magickal oil and magickal powder. The energetic and magick basis on use of fragrance and colognes in this store are quite similar to the use of powders and oil. Often it is a preference in what you find pleasant to work with. Some prefer to anoint a candle with an cologne than a powder or oil.

Have you read both manuals? Then you can find more about the use of colognes.

Fluid Condensers

The official name of a cologne is a fluid condenser. Personally, I choose the name cologne, although the recipes in this store have the same magick basis and background as the "fluid condenser. A "fluid condenser has a liquid and a solid form. All colognes in this store are liquid. The term cologne is my personal preference, which I am talking about. Everything one sees officially as a liquid "fluid condenser". An cologne of course, speaks more to the imagination than a "fluid condenser".

A cologne is a base of water and other ingredients. These magick is cultivated for a certain period of time in order to obtain the correct magickal correspondences. The cologne is seen as a beacon for attracting spirit and magickal energy. In contrast to, for example, a magick oil, a cologne, besides herbs, often also contains precious stones, a concentrate of powders, objects, and other symbologies. Colognes, or fluid condensers, have its roots in the talismanic magick. Mesmer, Dee and Randolph have written very extensive literature on this subject.

There are several ways to make a cologne. One can soak ingredients, cook, make an infusion and also in addition to water, cologne have also various forms of alcohol as a base. Each cologne is different and a connoisseur recognizes the maker and procedures back of known and less known recipes. Making colognes is seen as magickal timber and goes far beyond the mixing of ingredients during the full moon.

An important difference with a cologne and a blend oil such as a magick oil or a tincture is the addition of metals and resins. Gold as metal, of course, has a higher rank than metals such as tin, bronze, or other metal. Blood and semen are considered good substitutes for gold or gold powder. Although most of the magick oils need time to mature, making a cologne is a very specific process. Ripening and maturity to come to the magickal qualities of the cologne is a very specific process.
You can use the colognes from this store with the simple oil spell from magical oil manual. Replace the oil for the cologne and follow the rest of the description. In addition, all other common examples also apply to this manual.

Here now are some examples for working with an cologne according to the teachings of the elements.

Element Fire
Take a piece of tissue paper or linen, moist with the cologne while you focus on your goal. If desired, write your magickal goal in the paper. Concentrate until you lose your attention. Burn the paper or linen and concentrate again on your goal while the paper is on fire. Through the fire and the cologne, with the your power of thought, the magick energy releases. Blow the ashes to the south.

Suitable for: love magic, friendship magic, money magic, lifting curses, transformation

Element Air
Take a metal bowl and pour enough water in it to cover the bottom. Add a few drops of your cologne. Concentrate on your desire when you look in the water. Put your tray on the stove and let the liquid evaporate. Concentrate on the vapor and let your wishes be carried away by the element air. Continue until all the moisture is gone.

Suitable for: letting go, healing, protection, lift curse cleansing

Element Water
Take a new, unused container (glass - not plastic) and fill it with water. Bottle of water, holy water, rain or spring water have a preference. Add some of your cologne to the water. Concentrate on your desire when you look in the water. When the water breaks your concentration, the water is loaded. Throw the water in a river while you think how happy you are that you desire is absorbed by the water element.

Suitable for: love magic, releasing, healing, transformation, cleansing, dreams, meditation

Element Earth
There are two ways of use: you take a glass water bottle and add a few drops of cologne to it. Drop this in the earth of a plant. Or throw some water directly on the ground (preferably in a place where people do not walk!) With a few drops of cologne there. Your moment of concentration on your target takes place during the act itself: pouring into the bottle or on the earth itself.

Suitable for: money magic, prosperity, protection, release, transformation.



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