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There is no subject where people speak so often, and usually with fear, about the curse. We regularly meet them in the shop. Or at least, people have the idea of ​​a curse. Because between experience, diagnosis and the actual curse there is a world to discover.

In a previous blog, you have read all the different forms of negative energy. But nothing remains so controversial and widely discussed as: "The Curse."

The Gypsy Scam

Within Folk Magick we know an activity known as the 'gypsy scam'. It's literally called so and it is also commonly named sot. In general, the 'provider' is making a reading for little money or for free. The end conclusion is always: "You have a curse and for an x ​​amount (usually very high) we can take away the curse for you. Unfortunately, I regularly hear about this in the shop. People wonder if they really have a curse, but also if I can remove the curse for a lower amount than the provider wants.

The sad thing is that people get very scared. Curses are, especially within the Dutch magick-spiritual culture, something that people are very afraid of. It is, or therefore, also quite easy to respond to that fear. Most people have done something in their youth or later, calling for spirits, turning glasses or ritual work involving "ghosts".

In addition, everybody has spirits, guides, helpers, ancestors around him or her and especially if you are very sensitive to energy or the other world then you pick this up. Here too, anxiety in ones culture often prevails, and it is quite easy for a provider to label this as a curse and demand a lot of money to eliminate it. Furthermore, there is always someone in your life that does not show you a good heart. There you are, people are there, it happens. Even then it is quite easy to connect a curse a curse to it. "My ex-wife's wife has done a curse on me" is a well-known "link" that we often hear back.

Where can I pay attention to?

There are some things to investigate when someone cast a "spell' on you:
  1. If someone gives a cheap or free reading and then asks for a lot of money to lift the curse, or asks for a lot both, then you actually know the drill. Amounts of several hundred euros are really too much. 300 euros is really the maximum you should pay for a diagnosis and the associated magick work. This also applies to a house cleaning.
  2. Ask for the reading. Which cards or objects have been used. Which cards or objects have emerged in your reading and as a result of which cards or objects the conclusion was drawn that you are cursed.
  3. Do not fall for a blurry story about your reading. You want to see the 'spread' for your nose. In this way, it is also easier to ask a second opinion from another reader or to check what the reading is based on.
  4. Ask for references from the reader. Which training or learning school did anyone enjoy? Family tradition is too vague. Do people have a website, experiences from other clients, in what tradition does someone work. Etc. Etc. You also do not put your physical health in the hands of the first, the best one who calls him or herself doctor, your mental or spiritual health is just as important.
  5. Keep your situation concrete, even in your mind. A situation like "the ex of my husband who went to someone who is very educated in casting curses and now I have so much bad luck, everything is against me and the curse has to be lifted because someone has read and says that it is so "Are classic" crazy mind creators ".

Who can I trust then?

Do not count on what one 'reader' says, but seek a second opinion of someone whose reliability and background can be traced. Most readers and rootworkers have a good education, or an initiation tradition where one can go back on. Most people would like to tell you who they are and where they come from. You are also proud of your work and background, you just want to deliver good and reliable work that you can stand for.

A good reader or rootworker is to support, guide, or help someone in a "problem situation". You want to consult someone who can provide relief or assistance within the options you have. And you can continue to rely on. After a consultation or reading you should not be afraid and pay a lot of money to sleep well again at night ...

Think about your relationship with the reader. Does he or she help you on your way to get your hands on yourself, or do you need him or her for a lot of money to have a nice life ....... Are you dependent on the readers help?

I notice that many "curses" appear to be from jealous exes (colleagues, employers, etc.). Think about this ..... when I'm very angry, or very jealous, it radiates in my energy. Are you sensitive to energy, then you pick it up. No curse, but annoying buzzing energy.

What is a psychic curse?

Another striking situation that we often encounter is the psychic who diagnoses a curse and you are then kicked out of the door. Confused and afraid, not knowing what to do with the diagnosed curse. People then come to the shop with the question if we can remove the curse. The curse is so stuck in someone's head, it's impossible to talk it out. Because the psychic has said it is so, thus so it is. The evidence has already been piled up in one's head. My advice: a good psychic will never send you out the door without a solution. Period. Under no circumstance. If you have the knowledge and experience to diagnose a curse, you also have the knowledge and experience to be able to offer a solution to get rid of it.

Think about this. If I'm in a room with, for example, bad energy, it will be noticeable to me. The same goes for a strong emotion like love or sadness. A very angry ex will not send out any loving energy. Then it does not matter if you're near that ex or not, if you're sensitive, you'll pick up that energy, no matter where you are. 'Energy travels far'.

If you do not know a good way to shield yourself, or to keep your energy well cleansed from every energy that is swirling around you, then you can feel very upset and out of balance.

Regardless of whether you're sensitive to pick up energy, whether someone deliberately sends out a dot of negative energy into the world, falling for a "gypsy scam" is hardly a solution. You're paying a lot of money and you will never get rid of the energy. Cleansing and staying cleansed is something you continue do, the rest of your life, like shower and vacuuming. And this is something you can do yourself and you do not need to spend your hard earned money......

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