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Bottles, pouches and amulets

A mojo is a magick pouch or magical pouch, from the African-American Hoodoo tradition. It is a flannel bag containing one or more magickal objects. The word is considered by some to be a corruption of the English word "magic", but it is more likely related to the West African word "mojuba," which means prayer or petition. A mojo is seen as magick that you carry with you.

Traditional Mojo

Although the traditional Hoodoo mojo’s are made ​​of red flannel, nowadays it is more usual to keep the European tradition of magickal color symbolism. One uses green flannel / fabric for a money mojo, white for a blessing mojo, red for love, blue for peaceful home, and so on. Leather mojo are also seen, but much less than flannel. Often these are associated with West Indian obeah, another form of folk magic and closely related to African-American hoodoo. The content of the mojo is staying with the magick goal. So mojo for love has other content than a mojo for protection.

Making a mojo

Making a mojo is a specialty within Hoodoo and is more than just to put items in a bag.They are all made ​​according to a ritual process-you can recognize the signature of rootworkers in mojo's - filled and brought to life. This is by means of blowing, smoke, prayer, and the like. A mojo infuse is an important step in the process and this makes the difference between a herbal pouch and an animated object. It is customary not to let your mojo seen in public and regularly energetically feeding alcohol or perfume.

Witches bottles

A witch bottle is an object which energy you want and that encourages positive (ie increasing) forces.  The witch bottle attracts energy of the waxing moon, if you want to grow or attract things. Other bottles keep energy out you do not want, and or protect you against things. The energy of the waning moon.

Making a bottle

Traditionally, this form of magick is a specialty in itself, there is a lot of information about this 'art'. In the old grimoires one generally speaks about magick talisman and amulets are taken into account. I like this way of working also. All bottles, talismans and amulets on the website are made ​​according to the above magick principles.

A well-made witch bottle is a combination of intention, planets, moon phases and skill and experience of the artist. You have a strong and powerful form of magick in which different aspects of the universe are connected to the purpose for which you make the witch bottle. Some people make them during a specific hour, others take weeks and sometimes months to make.

Read more about mojo, bottles and amulets? Read all about it in the blogs about magickal items. All are listed here in the same instructions because the use and care of all are similar.

Care and Use

You work with an animated object, so it is important to keep feeding the energy of the object. For all of the following basic rules apply:

Place a glass of liqueur or water next to your pouch, bottle or amulet. You raise your energetic object in this way and keep it free from unwanted energy . Sweet foods like cookies or chocolate are also a possibility. The important thing here is to follow your feelings. A witch bottle to repel or curse will rather be with salt, the former, or pepper, the latter. Even objects like flowers and photos of the person you are trying to influence are common.

There are several ways to load your object. For example, in the light of the full moon. This you can just do indoors if you have no garden or balcony, or when it rains. Although you do not always see the full moon, knows that its energy is simply present. Other ways of charging your piece are placing on earth or the earth of a plant or placing a crystal next to your piece. These strengthen energy.

Bottles you place on a table or cabinet, pouches and amulets you wear with you. If the operation is over, whether your goal is reached, it is customary to bury your item. Bury attracting items close to your home. Want to get rid of something, you bury the object as far away from your house as possible. Again, I get a lot of emails about. "I have no bicycle, no forest nearby, what if someone sees me”. For this, of course, "what is it worth?". If you do not have the time or inclination to make any effort yourself than doing magickal work is probably not for you.

Offerings and feedings you replace generally after a week. When your flowers go hanging down, the liquid in your glass is decreasing in volume or leaves a little edge behind then it's time to replace sacrifices and nutrition. Fluids, especially water, can show bubbles. That's not bad. This means that energy is doing its job. If there are no bubbles at all then it is fine too.

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Come See Me Talisman, glass
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