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Magick oils are used for ointment of objects or during ritual work. Think of anointing candles, amulets, athames, swords and talismans. But there are several other possibilities to consider. Think of a replacement of incense, the anointing of spell notes, petitions and the use of oil as a magick perfume.

The use of magickal oil goes back to ancient times.They are seen as prayers to the higher, a request for help, but also as a sacred offering to the Gods.

An important use of magickal oil is to strengthen your intent for a specific task, usually you ritual purpose. Smell can work at a deeper level than words can do. You will strengthen your magical energy, in addition to your spells and other words. You work with a deep energy that transcends language.

A simple use is the anointing of the skin as a perfume, but also an anointed handkerchief when you wear is seen much. This method of use is very effective. You often forget you're wearing the oil and the smell can do its work in your subconscious energy. You use the oil as a sigil.

You can use magickal oil as an aid or support to focus your energy throughout the day. You always think oblivious to your goals you want to achieve, but the smell reminds your subconscious to the magical work you're doing. The smell of the oil opens the way for energy to flow towards the goal you want to achieve.

Magick oil acts as a beacon for energy you want to attract. Positive energy attracts positive energy. We call this the magickal 'law of attraction ". But smell is also used for repelling energy that you're not waiting for. Example of individuals but also of everything that moves between this and the other world. Magick oil is thus suitable for the formation of your own energy.

You can also use magickal oil to other persons to induce them to do what you like to see. Enter a magickal oil gift which the other can use as a perfume, or salve a bag with oil and give it to the person you want to influence magickally. You can be as creative as you want. All oils in the shop are suitable to burn in an oil burner with a little water, also a nice gift!

All oils in the store are already loaded with power. From both the herbs as through the process of making the oil. But you'll also have to do work yourself. Magick oil is not that you take aspirin and sit and wait for results. You will have to carry the oil with an intention, to anoint candles with a spell, or a petition letter to write or spell with the oil in order to achieve results.

Magick oils, like elixirs, mojo's, washes and soaps are a support in your magickal work to achieve results. Your house will not clean itself by putting the vacuum cleaner in the room and go with a glass of wine on the couch to wait until the lot has been cleared. Magickal work needs effort to come to full fruition. And depending on the time, energy and confidence that you yourself give to your magickal work. Sometimes you will see results within a few days. Other times you'll have to wait a few months or you have to do work again.

Sometimes you see not any results. This often has to do with intention and attention you give to your work and trust. But sometimes something is just not meant for you, you will not achieve any results period. Everyone is on his or her path, at the time he or she should be there. And acceptance or dealing with the situation can be your higher goal in your life at that time.

Loading your oil

You can load your oil by holding it briefly at your third eye, sniffing the scent and let you penetrate, by focusing the energy through contact with your athame, a cristal, your tarot cards or just a night on earth to rest.

Also placing a while in moonlight, sunlight or next to a bowl of water is a good way of charging your oil.

Examples of loading your oil is to place money oil near coins, your love oil next to a picture of your loved one or your meditation or divination oil next to your divination cards.

A simple spell

This website has a spell archive. This is obviously a process of years and many uploads. Each product contains a specific use. Is your product not listed? Yet Then this is a simple spell, which you can use for all the magical oils and magical goals.


• A white candle
• Your Oil
• Pen and paper

Anoint the candle with oil and light the candle. Consider your magical goal.

Write on your paper what you want to achieve. Write this in future tense, as if it is already happening. Do not use words like "no, not, all, nor" etc. "I am happy in love" sounds better than "I am not alone." You keywords in the first sentence are happy and love, in the second sentence more, and not alone. Your wish should be formulated on the basis of keywords.

Anoint your note with the oil and fold close. Want something to happen then you fold the paper towards you. Need something to go away, you fold the note close from you. Think about your goal while folding.

Burn the note in your candle. Put the ashes next to your candle. Burn your candle at once or in a few days. Stare quiet in the flame and think of your desire. Bury the candle residue and ash in a plant, or in your garden near your house if you want to obtain something. Throw it as far away as possible from your home, in water, if you want somewhere away from it.

Also, be creative in here. For love and protection use a copy of a photo of your loved one, or your enemies. Print a picture of a money bill if you do magic money. You have many options.

I get a lot of 'yes, but' mails: I have no garden, no plants, no candles, I have no time to burn a candle every day. I think it's too cold to bike to a trash can ", and very many variations. Recall the previous piece of "magic is not magic aspirin, you'll also need to make an effort yourself."

Do you have no sense of effort, no time or no need to get started with magick, do not start.

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