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Blowing powders is traditionally a common practice to clean an area or property of unwanted energy, evil, entities, but also to put an end to unfavorable conditions, and to obtain protection, love, money, or dominance.

All magickal salts in this store have a double effect. The salt absorbs negative or unwanted energies while the herbs and oils strengthen the energy that you want to attract. We call this " double action magick".

While magick powders have a dry correspondence, magickal salts have a damp magickal property. The reason for this is that the element of water also has absorbing qualities, as well as salt. These absorbent quality has been maintained in the magick salts in order to give them added strength.

Salts are used in the same way as powders and dirts.

Want to read more about powders, salts and dirts? Take a look at our blogs about powders, dirts and the manual about the use of powders and dirts.

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Victory Powder
€ 3,90 per unit
Stay with Me Powder
€ 3,90 per unit
Domination Powder
€ 3,90 per unit
Cut and Clear Powder
€ 3,90 per unit
Don Dinero Powder
€ 3,90 per unit
Black Salt, witches salt
€ 4,90 per unit
Fortune Powder
€ 3,90 per unit
Change Bad Luck Powder
€ 3,90 per unit
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