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Add the washes as an extra to the original water with cleaning stuff. Just a little is enough then. I also use washes as an extra in my laundry and in my vacuum cleaner. Hoodoo is in basic a simple andeffective way of working so I try to make my items to blend in daily things you already do.

Washes you use to attract things you use cleaning from bottom to top and from front to back in the house, to get things in. The same with using them in the shower. In the shower you was from bottom to top since you want to attract things.

When you want to expel things, its the other way around. The house from top to bottom and from the back to the front. In the shower from top to bottom. In this case, if you want to go all the way, you spare some of the cleaning water and leave it on a crossroad. Throw away the water, walk away and don’t look back.

Either way, keep all windows open when cleaning the house!

So you clean from bottom to top and from front to back, from toes to head.

Keep on doing the cleansings till you have reached your goals. Personally I cleanse my house at least once a week like this and myself daily. But for us it is tradition to live so and I realize that there is some work involved in this. For me it is a way of keeping my store going for instance.

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