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Love spells are one of the most popular spells in magic. Who doesn't want a great love, an all consuming love, a happy relationship and a blissful marriage. Here you will find all love spells you can think of. All in the area of finding, holding and returning lovers. All spells contain links to the items you need for your spell. Just get started with your love magic!

Here you find all spells in the area's of:
  • Attraction
  • Lust
  • Commitment
  • Relationships
  • Marriage
  • Loyalty
  • Truth

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Reconciliation Charm Spell
€ 10,30 per unit
Stay with Me Spell
€ 6,40 per unit
Lovers Binding Spell
€ 5,40 per unit
Freeze the Ex Spell
€ 10,30 per unit
See Me Spell
€ 10,30 per unit
Friendship Spell
€ 5,40 per unit
Love Me Spell
€ 16,20 per unit
Sirene Seduction Spell
€ 10,30 per unit
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