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Here you will find all our manuals together. Handy in a well-organized list. Would you rather read a complete spell? Click the link for our complete spells and rituals.

Would you rather read some backgrounds first? Click on the links for the grimoire on magic, witchcraft and correspondences of herbs, colors, numbers, elements and much more.

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Sugar Daddy Talisman
€ 11,90 per unit
Lucky Buddha Talisman
€ 11,90 per unit
Come See Me Talisman
€ 11,90 per unit
Shamrock Talisman
€ 11,90 per unit
Amulet for Protection
€ 11,90 per unit
Self Confidence Talisman
€ 11,90 per unit
Ward off Evil Amulet
€ 11,90 per unit
Lucky Mojo
€ 11,90 per unit
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