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Witches spells are small texts, usually in rhyme, that you use to change something in your situation. In spells you use your will power, also called intent, to shape the perfect conditions for what you want to happen. The first step is to set your intention and do this by visualizing it. With your imagination and with a strong feeling.

Spells must be able to ground in this real world, and that applies to all types of magick. Think of finding a job during money magick, finding a loved one during love magick or live in a nice home with a good atmosphere during protective magick. The items you use during your spells help you to strengthen your intent. The visualization gives the end results ground in the real world.

Magick is not an aspirin that you take and the outcome follows in itself. It is a combination of your intention you strengthen with your magick articles and  which you shape by visualizing into being in the physical world. Your spell in rhyme itself is what binds everything as a whole.

Now you also understand why working with the moon's rhythms is also important. But also why you do certain magic on certain days. Or spend a lot of time dressing a candle. For example, love magick on a Friday. These energies are a strong catalyst in strengthening both your intent and the outcome.

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