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In general
The month of September is dedicated to the "mother" within the triple Goddess. September is pre-eminently a harvest month. And although the energy of the tides is slowly beginning to diminish, the first fresh breath of autumn is already tangible, September is a time for harvesting, prosperity, abundance and bringing in all good.
Color: yellow
Element: fire
Herbs: rosemary, basil, chamomile
Extra magick strength
New: money jar
Waxing: prosperity knot
Full: wishing well
Waning: prosperity obstacle remover


Prosperity Knot Spell
€ 6,40

Price per unit

Wishing Well Spell
€ 13,30

Price per unit

Money Jar Spell
€ 6,40

Price per unit

Obstacle Remover Spell
€ 6,40

Price per unit

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