Enter the Dreamtime, Engelstalige Workshop


* Awakening the Dreamer Within

Sundays 4th ~ 11th ~ 18th
18.30pm ~ 21.00pm

Enter the Dreamtime with this 3 week course

This group is limited to 6 people and will be an in depth inquiry into the interpretation and guidance from your Dreams.

Recently I received the Orisha Olokun and was initiated into his /her mysteries. Like any other time of initiation with a Santo, it’s not just about receiving the Orisha but more about the process one is taken through as its energy begins to permeate through one’s life and affect certain changes in Ase and consciousness.

Olokun is the owner of the ocean’s deep and the owner of its secrets and possessions. He/she has wealth beyond comprehension and amongst many other things, is closely associated with dreams, deep wisdom and all parts of the subconscious and unseen realms.

It is not surprising that within a month of receiving this initiation I was to be given one of the greatest revelations on my spiritual path, that being a Skeleton Key { a key that unlocks all doors } to the complete understanding of our dreams.

I am now so happy to offer these teachings to my community and share with you the prolific benefit of COMPLETELY UNDERSTANDING the subtle messages passed onto us from the Dreamtime.
I cannot over emphasis the POWER of this work enough!


The Dreamtime Group will meet for every Sunday for 3 weeks at LaBotanica

‘Enter the waking dream and traverse the symbolic language of the unconscious mind’

Cost 150 Euros




Dream time by Yanu has changed my life.
It has given me a technique to bring messages from my unconsciousness , deceased relatives and spirits into this world. I can change my dreams into happy ends. From now on dreams are my guides for myself and for others. This workshop is a gift from heaven.

When I heard and read about the dreamtime workshop I was interested, curious but also a bit sceptic what this could do for me.
I'm a down to earth guy who really needs to feel and experience to believe. Well I can say that dreamtime is one of these workshops what really let me feel and experience a lot.
For me this workshop has given me a great tool to explain the message behind my dreams.
Thanks Yanu for this great workshop.

i followed the dream course with Yanu. Yanu has a great way of educating as he knows when to make a joke and when to be serious. i admire how he listens without judging and interacts by asking the right questions. in the course i stumbled upon some underlying fears inside my conciousness. he made me step in my own power without forcing me to do so. this was an important step in my evolution. the lesson is: to act from courage and not from fear. i dont want to tell to much about the course it self because then you will have an expectation beforehand. the technic is very usefull and can be put to good use in all sorts of situations. it doesnt have to be a dream so to say. although it was very different then i expected it to be. It was totally worth it.


You will:

* Learn to fully understand the EXACT meaning of your dreams
* How to awaken the dream so as to penetrate and influence the waking world
* Performing Dream Magic & Dream Spells
* Acknowledging and working with dream totems and dream guides
* Making a Dream Fetish / totem

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