Magic Training Program, Engelstalig


The application of various techniques used to create positive transformation and harmonised outcomes, including Shamanism, folk magic, espiritismo, etc.

Stage 1
The initial Consultas will help determine your spiritual framework
This will include communicating with a close spirit guide, ancestor or ally
You will then learn ritualised techniques in communicating clearly with this guide
Learn how to build a Spirit House and appropriate Alter Space

Stage 2
Learn to work deeper with your spirit guides using various implements and tools i.e. drums, rattles, chanting etc
Basic divination techniques will be taught to help evaluate clearly spirit guidance and messages
Ceremonial practices to maintain stability and fortitude along the spiritual path
Various cleansing and purification techniques

Stage 3
Tests will be set to determine the validity and assurance of the spirit messages you are receiving
Harmonising your energy system and banishing any personal inbalances that may be causing confusion
Using various techniques you will work with spirit to transmute any negative influence
Sanity and shamanism, maintaining balance between the 3 realms

Stage 4
Journeying into the three realms, upper, middle and lower worlds
Determining various pools of power and accessing them for shamagikal use
Walking between the worlds, harmonising correctly after ceremonial activity
Including a summary of the past 4 stages of work and teachings


Each stage consists of 6 consultas over a 3 month period
All 4 stages consists of 24 consultas over a full year

Cost Single stage - 6 Consultas: 475 Euros
Cost Full Year including all 4 stages - 24 Consultas: 1700 Euros



These Consultas are strictly for teaching & training purposes and not for personal issues etc, except when in relevance to the training programme.
Each person will be worked with on an individual level, paying close attention to personal temperament & natural abilities.

This is a solid foundation course and should be treated as such. However, if you already have previous shamanic or magical experience these teachings will help further solidify your practice.

Testimonials for the  Shamagika Training Programme

Yanu is a great teacher, he helped me build my altar and spiritual framework, he teaches me how to work with my spirits, teaches me how to get back in the flow. Since i have been doing the training my life has changed so much. Thanks to him my therapy work is going great and the amount of clients i have has increased a lot. I am much more in my power and have a life purpose. my spiritual work has become much stronger and better.
I thank yanu with all my heart for being in my life and i wouldnt know who else could teach me these spriritual things and answer my questions. if you wish to change your life for the better, do the stp training!
Eve ~ Social worker

​In a world full of teachers there are only a few that know how to bring a student to the understanding and an experience of a world beyond this one. Having studied with Yanu for a year he has helped me set in place daily rituals in order for me to connect more to my ancestors and spirit guides. He has helped me understand magic and how to work with energy. He has always worked from a place of integrity. I have found over the course of the year I have healed many aspects of myself but most importantly feel a stronger ability to stand on my own two feet to be able to do it by myself.
Ciara O Brien ~ Entrepreneur

Wow, what can I say the word "training" in any case does not cover everything:-). It is a life changing program, and not in the sense that you become "different" ............... you become more yourself in your purest form.
Yanu teaches you a lot of techniques and ways to build your spiritual framework and to trust and work with it. From working with your ancestors to interpreting dreams or working with power animals, orisha's or other gods etc.
Since I do this training, I feel that everything falls into place. A deep "knowing" is tapped and Yanu helps me to stay on the ground with both feet. He is certainly no glider, but very down to earth. Yanu is a very honest man who carefully guides you on your spiritual path. I love that he can laugh at himself!
If you do this training, Yanu clearly tells you that he is in charge. That gives you a sense of security and trust. Sometimes he also gives you a friendly way to your thunder, if you do something that does not fit in with your development process or even hurts it. But he gives you all the space to discover in your own way, at your own pace and what what suits you.

Wow, wat kan ik hierover zeggen. Het woord "training" dekt in ieder geval de lading niet :-).
Het is een life changing programma, en dan niet in de zin dat je "anders" wordt jezelf in je puurste vorm. Yanu leert je ontzettend veel technieken en manieren om je eigen spirituele framework te bouwen en daarop te vertrouwen en mee te werken, van werken met je voorouders tot het duiden van dromen of het werken met krachtdieren, orisha's of andere goden. Sinds ik deze training doe, heb ik het gevoel dat alles op zijn plek valt. Er wordt een diep "weten" aangeboord en Yanu helpt je om daarbij met beide benen op de grond te blijven staan. Hij is zeker geen zwever, maar ontzettend down to earth. Yanu is een hele integere man die je zorgvuldig begeleidt op jouw spirituele pad. Ik vind het heerlijk dat hij ook kan lachen om zichzelf! Als je deze training doet, zegt Yanu je van tevoren duidelijk dat hij de leiding heeft. Dat geeft je een gevoel van veiligheid en vertrouwen. Soms geeft hij je ook op een vriendelijke manier op je donder, als je iets doet dat niet past in je ontwikkelingsproces of dat zelfs schaadt. Maar hij geeft je alle ruimte om op je eigen manier, in je eigen tempo te ontdekken wat bij jou past.

House Protocols
please read first if you wish to come along to any of the groups
1. Please be respectful to this House, it is a sanctuary for the Spirit's and should be treated as such.
2. When asked to bring implements, offerings or food etc, take time to consider what would be most appropriate to the Ceremony being performed.
3. If it is a Group that you are attending, ideally and if possible it would be best if you ceremonially bathed before coming along and wear clothes that are only used for ceremony. { This is not essential but will help you in creating a Sacred Manner }
4. Please turn off all mobile phones and leave all bags etc outside of Ceremonial space.
5. Never leave a circle once it has been cast without first asking permission.
6. Please help to clean and tidy up after any meditations or Ceremonies.
7. If you are a woman on your moon time please refrain from coming along. There are many reasons for this and to little space to describe them all but basically you are already in Ceremony and have no need being here.
8. Please refrain from any form of drug or alcohol use before or during any event
9. If you take any form of antidepressant please inform Yanu before any Consulta or event.
Thank you

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