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Reconciliation Charm Spell

This spell is used to bring a lost lover back to you, or reconcile with your lover during a rocky period of your relationship.

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Commitment oil
Reconciliation powder
A red candle

4 coins of your liking
A picture of the both of you
A white or red piece of fabric
A white or red piece of ribbon, rope, tread

Set your piece of fabric out on your altar, and place the picture of the both of you in the middle of the fabric. Put the candle in the center in a secure candle holder. Wax may drip on the fabric so don't use anything that is really important or valuable for that. Anoint the candle.

Place the 4 coins on the corners of the cloth. Needless to say, do this spell on the night of the full moon. Sprinkle the powder over the cloth. Make sure you sprinkle on the pictures of the both of you.
Light the candle and say these words 4 times, touching a coin each time:

“From the 4 corners of the Earth
Bring my lover back to me
By the power of Sun and Moon
And tree times tree”

Envision light going out from the candle and spreading out into the world to connect with your true love. Envision the both of you in a happy and steady relationship. Leave the candle burning out completely.

Bundle up the picture and coins in the cloth and bind together with the rope and leave on your altar.

Do this spell during on or around a full moon on a Friday.  

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