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Rekindle the Fire Hoodoo
Rekindle the Fire Perfume

Marriage and loyalty perfumes are popular items with those who want to keep and cherish a relationship.

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This wedding and faithful perfume is used to strengthen romance, relationships and marriages. This perfume is made to promote marital fidelity. If you want your relationship to remain honest and loyal. With a loved one who only has an eye for you. A long stable love relationship that you can build on. The perfume is used to keep your loved one with you.

It is customary to drip the perfume on items from the bedroom that you share with your loved one. Drop a little on the pillows and the bed itself. Drop a little on the underwear of your loved one during sleep. Or a bit in the washing machine where you wash your clothes together. Carve the name of your loved one in a candle and anoint the candle with this perfume.

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