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My name is Wendy Rose. Witch, curandera, conjure specialist, shamanistic hedgewitch, rootworker and Espiritista medium. A whole list. I have been working in my own webshop for a long time. For years, to this day, I follow trainings in the field of espiritisme, magick, witchcraft and everything that exists between the worlds. I feel most connected with shamanic witchcraft, where everything is connected, has a life of its own, a soul and where we can communicate in dreams, during trance journeys and through the small messages in daily life. I come from a tradition with strong ties with our ancestors, spirits and unseen life. We stand on the shoulders of our ancestors to reach for our Gods.

My specialty is everything in the field of "jinxes, curses and hexes", in combination with communication with the unseen. It is something I have never taken light, and it is a heavy specialty. I have always pushed it a bit away from me and I even tried to ignore it for a while.

As a child I have been very scared of this world, I slept with the lights on until deep into my adulthood. But I never completely escaped from it. I lived in houses with flickering lights, water drops on mirrors and objects that sometimes flew through the house. Yet this world continued to attracted me and reached out for me.

Once we were investigating in an abandoned psychiatric hospital. I lost the group, and I could not find an exit, no matter what I did. Room after room was closed, and open windows led to closed old gardens. I sat down and offered a little bit of tobacco, and all of a sudden I walked out of the place like that. In the period after, my fear of this world did not disappear, but I got the peace to move around in this world. From scared, to uncomfortable, to my place .....

Curses and spirits, energetically contaminated spaces, black magick and polluted energy, these are actually two different subjects, two different specializations that come together on my path. Because for me the 'solution' often comes from the same source: cleaning, removing, calming and relaxing. One day I realized that I do not even have to think about what to do and automatically work people, houses and situations.

Removing curses, energetically contaminated spaces and black magick are not minor issues. And these things cannot be solved with a conversation and walking around with burning sage. Unfortunately, many mediums do pick up some things, but do not penetrate to the core of the problem. And then I'm talking about the well-meaning people ...... I've written two blogs about this: Read here and here.

What does a consultation cycle look like:

We start with a diagnosis session to determine what is going on. Is it personal around you? Do you feel unwanted things in your house? Regardless of what is actually going on, you experience what you feel, see and experience. We find a solution, because you just want to be able to lead your life without a nasty environment or feeling. I will go blank in this conversation. If you have read my blogs then you know that I do not rely on what other people have diagnosed. In my case you always go home with a solution, and not with a mountain of problems that another medium has to solve. My motto: "what you diagnose must also be solved by you".

For abroad clients: I work through Skype, photo and card reading and ship worldwide of needed for your situation. We witches fly global these days…

The cleansing.

This can be a personal cleansing through photo, a home visit through Skype or an advice that you can work yourself. You have to feel comfortable with it, and I, of course, too. Consider this possibility too: the spirit you are afraid of can be an overly enthusiastic ancestor or helper. While you do not sleep  at night, the spirit tries to be there for you. An example: when my sister gave birth, all our ancestors were happy singing around her bed, my sister got the jitters. I made a place where our ancestors could come together, and where my sister could just sleep at night. Sometimes it is a matter of come to an agreement with spirit. And sometimes they just have to go away.

The follow-up

This can take place quite quickly after the cleansing, but also a few weeks after. Sometimes one cleansing session is not enough, but the aim is to solve the situation within the cycle "diagnosis, cleansing, follow-up". Sometimes the energy needs to be adjusted a bit, but often the situation is solved. After cleansing you will receive practical advice with which you can get started yourself. Standard cleansing, especially for people with sensitivity and a history with different forms of energy, this is an important part of daily life. I give you advice on how you can easily apply this in your daily life where you are already busy enough.

Do you want more information? Leave a message via contact form, then together we look into your situation.


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