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Pay Back Spell

A spell to send back negative energy, during dark moon.

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•    Return to sender oil
•    Black Salt
•    Black candle

•    A picture of the target
•    A dark colored cloth or fabric
•    A small mirror
•    Dark rope

Anoint the candle with the oil, light the candle.

Fold the picture and place on the cloth. Sprinkle some salt and some oil over the picture.

Take the mirror and place over the picture on the cloth. The front of the mirror is facing the picture

Place your hands over the items. Visualize what you want to happen to the person on the picture. Do this with very strong emotions.

Then say the following chant three times:

Before the night is over
Before the night is through
Whatever you have done to others
Will come right back at you

When candle is fully burned, place the remains of the candle on the cloth, and close all with the rope. Bury the package as far away from your house as possible, turn around and don’t look back while walking away.

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