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returnto sender hoodoo
Return to Sender Oil

Send back negativity right back to its source with reversing work, so an enemy reaps exactly what they've sown.

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Does someone make your life sour? Do you have an enemy that is trying to harm you? Do someone burn candles against you, or are you trying to meet you in a magical way? Send all negativity back to the source so that your enemy reaps what he or she has sown himself.

And this magick is not only suitable for someone who sends magick to you, or for someone who tries to make a mess of your life in a spiritual way. Use the oil to ward off mental and emotional attacks on your well-being. Reversing work isn't just for when someone has been working roots against you or otherwise sending a mess your way through spiritual means. Deflect emotional and mental attacks on your well being and way of life.

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