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Here are the main ways to use the powders:

• Blowing while walking backwards
• Blowing the four directions
• Blowing to a place or person
• Places next to your door...
....or the four corners of your home
• A pattern drawing on the floor or altar
• A candle anoint
• Money, business cards or forms powdering
• If perfume powder
• In a bag
• Secretly doing in someone's clothing
• Gift giving

Walking backwards and trow powders in someone's footsteps is an old custom, which is called foot track magick. This is done in a straight line while walking backwards. If you are trying to move someone to do something, place powder on the spot where you know the person is going to walk.

To protect your home sprinkle the powder next to your door or in the corners of your house. If it is possible to walk all the way around your house.

Use powders to pull a lover to your house (walking clockwise!), also sprinkle powder to the house of an enemy is possible. You can also take a picture of your enemy and sprinkle the powder around it.

You blow powder to the four directions to get rid of your negative energy or enemies. But in order to attract good things to you, blow a little powder off your hand and say a spell with the relevant intent.

Blow into the direction of a person or the direction you think the person with a matching powder.

Create shapes on the sidewalk or your altar with the powder when you do magic. For example, a pentagram for protection or a cross to stop something. Circles and wavy lines are often used to bind the enemy or to send something nasty.

Innocent people walking on the powder may be affected. Others say the powder touches everyone who has come into contact with it. Some people say that the powder only affects the person for whom the powder is intended to.

Anoint candles first with oil and then with the powder for good results. The same goes for objects that represent the situation. Oil you do not always use. Think money, photographs, papers, business cards or magical dolls.

Use the powder that you need to attract . Give someone a gift in a fragrant powder pouch. This can be used for both attracting and repelling affairs

Work clockwise if you want to increase, counterclockwise to decrease.


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Victory Powder
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Stay with Me Powder
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Domination Powder
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Cut and Clear Powder
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Don Dinero Powder
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Black Salt, witches salt
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Fortune Powder
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Change Bad Luck Powder
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