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A talisman is an object that attracts energy that you desire and stimulates positive forces. An amulet rejects energy that you do not want and protects against accident. This is an important difference in energy! The common noun is Mojo.

How do you know the difference between an amulet and a talisman? An amulet wards off and a talisman attracts. That way you can easily separate them! And the mojo? That is the collective name for the both of them.

Leasrn more on the use of mojo's, pouches and bottles on our manual!


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Personal Talisman Charm Love
€ 19,90 per unit
Talisman Charm Shamrock
€ 14,90 per unit
Talisman Charm Stay with Me
€ 14,90 per unit
Charm Talisman Soulmate
€ 14,90 per unit
Sugar Daddy Talisman
€ 11,90 per unit
Lucky Buddha Talisman
€ 11,90 per unit
Come See Me Talisman
€ 11,90 per unit
Shamrock Talisman
€ 11,90 per unit
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