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Tonka Bean Hoodoo
Tonka Treasury Perfume

Tonka beans have been used for centuries for attracting love money and happiness in life.

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They are often used in magick. It is said in ancient folklore that if you make a wish with three tonka beans in your hand and place them under your pillow before bedtime your wish will come true. Tonka beans are mainly used in hoodoo but have also found their way into witchcraft since last century. Because of the sweet smell tonka beans are used in love and money magick.

The tonka bean is seen as an aspect of Venus, but some regard it as part of Jupiter. It is said that wearing the tonka bean gives courage and strength. In western Europe, the tonka bean is not seen much in magick but she turns up in magick of the New World as in hoodoo. Tonka beans are used in mojos for attracting money, 7 tonka beans can be thrown in a stream or river to fulfill a wish.

Use this perfume for anointing of images or photos or your beloved drop in your wallet or pocket ointment a candle with the perfume to make your wishes come true. You can drip a little money on a banknote for sending out your magick wishes.

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